The aim of the CERASOL project (ANR-19-CE08-0009) is to develop ceramic powders adapted to cold gas dynamic spraying known as “cold spray” process.

To achieve this, the main objectives are:

(1) to improve the understanding and control of macro and micro deformation, adhesion and layer construction mechanisms from specific agglomerated powders deposited on a rough metallic substrate,

(2) to establish the influence of the nature of the material and the varied architectures of the powders on these mechanisms and on the particular characteristics of the resulting microstructures and  interfaces,

(3) to optimize the powders to favor the deposition process in the solid state also involving thermosenstive additives or dopants,

(4) to generalize the results  for each range of brittle material and rationalize the choice of process parameters that could lead to thick and adherent coatings with interesting properties.

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