The CERASOL project combines two academic laboratories which are the MINES ParisTech Centre des Matériaux and the IRCER of the University of Limoges. These two laboratories are also mixed units of the CNRS. They have experience recognized through numerous institutional and industrial partnership studies in the fields of thermal spraying and cold spraying, processes for agglomerated powder by spray-drying and with a thorough knowledge of coatings by thermal spraying and ceramic materials in particular. Two innovative R & D centers of SMEs, Medicoat France and Nanoé, are also involved in this consortium to work collaboratively for the development and production of powders and the development of common criteria for establishing recommendations for the synthesis of ceramic powders adapted to Cold Spray. The CERASOL project is a continuation of preliminary work and collaborations between partners to exploit the original possibilities of a new solid-state deposition process to design architectured ceramic powders that opens the possibility of thermosensitive additives or dopants within the feedstock powders.

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